Learn-to-play-piano-online keyboard
Learn-to-play-piano-online keyboard

Why Learn to Play The Piano?

We get a huge sense of achievement from learning and mastering a skill. The more challenging the skill, the bigger the satisfaction. That ‘buzz’ is actually the feel good hormone dopamine. There is something magical about the process of learning piano that adds more substance and meaning to life. See what my students say…..

Create Space

Thinking about the question, why learn piano? I think that creating space in your life to nurture the skills to play piano – is rather like building a sanctuary.  It’s great ME time.  Practicing piano is a kind of meditation. Brain and body are too focused to think about anything else – you can let go of everything for a while. This is just one great reason to start learning!

Character Building

As you technically progress, somehow without even noticing, other qualities are developed; memory, coordination, dexterity, listening ability, creativity, focus, patience, resilience, discipline…the list goes on.

It’s Science

In scientific tests it is shown to light up more areas of the brain than other activities. So playing piano is one of the best brain workouts you can do.  FACT! Scientist have even measured higher IQ in children taking music lessons.

Watch this great video….See how playing an instrument benefits your brain

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