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Learn-to-play-piano-online keyboard

Online piano lessons with Piano Rascal

Piano Online Lessons, Course or Theme to suit you

Looking for stimulating, innovative online piano lessons? Or piano courses or even themed piano lessons? As long as your device has an onboard or external webcam and mic, then we are all set to go! I work with Zoom or Skype. I keep the technical stuff simple. You’d be surprised how brilliantly online lessons work!

Lessons at your home with me are back! Any reasonable distance around Islington considered.

Lessons available in person with me at my home studio too.

Regular Piano Lessons are weekly and follow school terms. Learn whatever you like with me. I customize lessons for you. See all the topics i cover below and on the ‘What you Learn’ page.

Theme Lessons are regular lessons based on a particular topic(s) you wish to focus on. You decide how long you take lessons for (minimum 6 weeks) Work at your own pace.

A Piano Course has a fixed duration. More intensive study.

Expert Coaching Session is a 1 or 2 lesson package

One-Off Lessons or small blocks available too.

We all have different life-styles and different amounts of time to spare. You could be working full time or retired. I make sure the opportunity to learn piano is always open to you. I can be flexible and go at your pace.

Choose what sort of piano lesson or piano course you want…

Regular Weekly Lessons

These are my normal online piano lessons. Learning at your own pace to fit your lifestyle and preference. We cover a mix of everything i teach. So, whether you are busy mum, executive boss or retired, i will tailor the lessons to suit you. Some students have lots of time to practice, others virtually none. Either way, you can still learn and progress – at a fast or slower rate. Fitting music into your life is worth it! See What You Learn

Local Home Visit / or at Teachers

For adults or teenagers within a reasonable distance from Islington, London N7, N1 area. Other postcodes considered. Lessons with me one to one in person in the comfort of your own home. For theme lessons, normal lessons or courses. Regular weekly lessons.

Also, lessons at my home location available in person too.

Specific Theme. Regular Lessons

Locally or online. Choose what you want to focus on. This can be the primary reason you want lessons. You may already play or be a beginner and want to learn jazz or improvise – but don’t know how. You may want to write songs but don’t know where to start. Or boost your technique skills… maybe learn how to practice more efficiently…..Check out my theme lessons on this page!

Piano Skills Upgrade

Regular Theme Lesson. For pianists with some experience but who struggle with several areas of their playing and are keen to fix this to enjoy more satisfying progress. I offer coaching using my own unique methods on;   How to practice; How to count correctly and read rhythm; Co-ordination; Technique; Speed exercises; Metronome work. Feel free to ask me if you have any other issues I may be able to help you with

Best Practice

Regular Theme Lesson. Are you wasting practice time trying to get a piece to sound good, but continue to go round in circles never improving? I think most amateur pianists would say yes! My unique method will give you all the tools for perfect practice. It has been tried and tested over 25 years and is one of the most important skills you need to play piano well.

Easy Jazz impro

Regular Theme lesson. For pianists with some experience but who have never improvised before. We focus on jazz scales and boogie bass-lines to play easy 12 bar blues. Plus relevant theory. Learn hand independence for improvisation using my own methods that work! This really does open up to new ways of playing within simple structures.

Accompany from chords

Regular Theme lesson. For pianists with some experience who want to be able to create and play their own accompaniments at the piano using just guitar chords as a guide. By ear players welcome too. This is a multi-faceted process involving understanding chord symbols and chord inversions. Rhythmic patterns are key and we learn many different styles to play. Endless enjoyment once this skill is learnt.

You Write music!

Regular Theme Lesson. There are many ways this theme lesson can be taught depending on what the student requires and the stage they are at. From very simple steps to begin creating your own songs or music, to more advanced composition. Even the most skeptical of my students have succeeded in surprising themselves. 

ABRSM Exam Help

Expert Coaching Session; 25 years and 100% ABRSM exam success has given me laser sharp insights into what the ABRSM examiners are looking for. 1 or 2 lessons will boost your level and give guidance on what to polish up before the exam. I will hunt out your weak points and transform your performance from ordinary to captivating. We work on pieces, scales and sight reading. Revitalize your playing. Grades 1-5 ABRSM only.

Complete Beginners Piano Course

COURSE; Specialized online – or locally in person – piano course for adults who want high intensity lessons for great results and are eager to put in the practice. Zero knowledge to playing and reading music hands together. Crystal clear basic Classical piano training to get you started. Everything made simple. My own unique methods to demystify music! The sky is the limit from here. Call me to discuss and i will send course details.

Useful Theory Course; Scales/ Intervals/ Keys.

COURSE; Locally or online. This is a 4 week course offering simplified yet in depth lessons on scales – construction and type. Intervals, simple to complex. Keys- stages of understanding the cycle of 5ths. Theory can be complex and hard to find succinct instruction. I offer step by step clear instruction on these fundamentally important musical subjects. More Useful Theory courses to come.

Free 15 min Consultation

Let’s meet online to chat about lessons. We will discuss practicalities, goals and i can answer all your questions.

You can also book a Discounted First Lesson to see how i teach and if it works for you. You can then decide if you want to continue lessons with me. So get in touch now!

“Her lessons are always bespoke and tailored to the individual needs of her students”

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