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Learn-to-play-piano-online keyboard

Learn Classical Piano, Jazz, Pop, Rock….

Learn classical piano, jazz, pop, rock and other styles of music with my wide ranging approach. Whatever you want, i can teach you. Below is a breakdown of the different genres and style of music we can cover in lessons. Read music or play by ear. Students usually gravitate to which of these they want to learn. We normally do a mix of all of them. Remember, you can customize your lessons!

30 min ( online only ) 45, 60 or 90 min lesson duration available. Lessons start at £32. Please contact me for full current fees.

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Classical Music

Learn Classical Piano: Read music. Play the Classics from Bach to 21st Century piano pieces. Learn productive practice using my revolutionary method developed over many years that makes practicing efficient and easy. Develop a strong technique that will help you play whatever you want. Theory. Aural training. ABRSM exams (100% exam success).

Jazz and Improvising

These can be difficult to learn well. But i have devised step by step ways to help you understand easily how to start and advance on this intriguing musical path. Learn about jazz scales and modes. Simple bass lines. 12 Bar Blues. Great jazz riffs. Right hand improvisation tips and hand independence. Learn chord theory and rhythmic patterns to play song accompaniments by ear too!

Composing & Song Writing

How do you begin? There are many ways to start writing a song or piece of music. I will show you how. Your creativity may surprise you! Learn about modulation, keys, harmony etc. We analyze pop or rock songs too. Here are songs i have recorded and helped students write https://www.reverbnation.com/indigorascalsongs

There are many musical subjects we can cover…

Best Practice

Do you spend ages trying to get a piece to sound great only to continue messing up time after time?  If so, I have spent 25 years devising the best method for perfect practice. It is tried and tested. Use it as a beginner right up to advanced practice. This is the most important skill to get right if you want to play well. It will revolutionize your playing

Music Theory / Exams

We always do music theory anyway, so you don’t have to take exams, but the option is there. It helps your playing to have a more in-depth knowledge of how music works. I sometimes struggled with theory at school, so have developed many unique ways to help you understand. I simplify its complexity. It can be easy with a little work!

Performance Skills

Sometimes it’s just little things that make all the difference for a great performance. But if you don’t know what these are, your performance can be lack luster – even if you think you are doing everything right! Using proven tips, I will guide you through.

Aural Training

We can do the usual aural training required for ABRSM exams. But i also have helped students with topics such as sight singing to improve their reading of music in choirs. Music aural training helps all areas of musicianship.

Master your Technique

Poor technique limits how and what you can play. It puts a ceiling on how far you can progress. Learn specific exercises written by me to get your fingers, hands and wrists in shape. Also, unique hacks for superb timing. The more you develop strength, speed, agility and crisp rhythms, the more control you gain to improve your playing.

Learn Classical Piano, Jazz and more with Genene Edwards how to practice piano music theory performance

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