Learn-to-play-piano-online keyboard
Learn-to-play-piano-online keyboard

Piano Lessons for kids

Is your child keen to learn piano?

So your child is showing interest in the piano? Are they –

  • Always messing around on a piano or keyboard?
  • Wanting lessons?
  • Asking for a keyboard or piano?
  • Showing signs of musical genius?!

Sounds like it’s time to look for a good piano teacher!

Kids piano lessons for a child. Online or local
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Finding The Right Piano Teacher

I teach piano to kids aged 8 and above and teenagers. Beginners or re-starters

Your children deserve the best! I like to offer a creative and stimulating space for young people.

My teaching style is broad and enthusiastic. Working with different musical styles and ways of playing – such as learning to read music; good technique; how to practice well; playing pop songs by ear; playing great Classical music; discovering jazz; finding different ways to improvise at the piano; writing music; song-writing, performance skills; exploring how to interpret pieces and become a better musician; music theory.

We get to mix it up in the lessons. I customize lessons for all my students.

“Thank you for all the inspiration you have given her – she adores your lessons”

Developing Lifelong Skills

The experience of learning piano is definitely character building for kids and teenagers – developing lifelong skills such as patience, focus, tenacity, dexterity, creativity, problem solving, co-ordination and so on.

Check out what i say about how learning piano makes you smarter!

However long they take lessons with me, young people get a taster of how a little hard work reaps great rewards. What works is a creative, holistic approach mixed with gentle discipline and stimulating challenges!

Students who have been with me for a few years, often go on to take Music GCSE and Music A-levels. They always do well and get great results. What we have done during their time with me at Piano Rascal has made them well rounded musicians.

piano skills for young adults, youngster on skateboard. have fun learning piano teenagers

“Thanks for all your amazing work with Jack. He is lucky to have such a great teacher.”

Google Review

“Fantastic teacher, very creative and hardworking, Genene also composes lovely music that is available for her students to play! She is a complete musician who delivers high quality, fun and inspiring lessons to her students.”

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