Learn-to-play-piano-online keyboard
Learn-to-play-piano-online keyboard

Piano Lessons for Adults

Adults of any age can learn piano. Get in touch now!

Adults, so you want to learn piano? But have always believed you are…

  • Not musical
  • Too old to start learning something new
  • Too busy, no time!
  • Mystified by music notation
  • Forgotten what you learnt when younger?

These are just myths! Musicality can be learnt. You are NEVER too old. We can make time. I have unique methods to make the complex crystal clear!!

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Starting piano lessons in later life, piano and online setup

Never Too Old To Learn

You are never too old to learn piano. It’s surprisingly easy to start at any age – even if your brain is rusty! Adult students often continue having lessons for many years. Music becomes part of their life.

Whether you have little or lots of time to spare, i customize lessons just for you. Whatever your lifestyle – busy parent, hectic job or retired, complete beginner or learnt piano before, we can make it work! I work with you and go at your pace.

Our brain atrophies only if we let it. Not forging new pathways as we get older can keep us stuck in old habits and ways. However, the brain remains active and transforming as long as we continue to keep stimulating it with new experiences. Learning piano is one of the best brain workouts!

Fall In Love With Music

Starting piano lessons in later life is a wonderful choice. It shows you are open to learning new skills – young at heart and ready to fall in love with music!
Today I teach adults who are re-starters or complete beginners. I specialize in beginners and all levels up to Grade 6 standard. Ages range from 20’s to 70’s.

I aim to offer quality inspiring piano lessons. If you have learnt in the past, we work with that. We can address any gaps in your musicianship and technique.

Achievement in piano

I offer various lesson/course options: Regular weekly (at your pace); Exam help; Perfect practice; Fast track beginners etc. Check out PIANO ONLINE LESSONS

I have seen the piano become a huge part of my student’s life. Especially adults who missed out learning it earlier. There’s a transformation that occurs. For all its challenges – the sense of achievement is definitely worth it.

You don’t need to be a technical wizard. Online lessons work just like a normal lesson and are simple to set up. Download Skype, press ‘Video’ and that’s it!

Creating the space to nurture new musical skills is so important. When you practice you can forget everything else for a while. The piano becomes a sanctuary.

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Google Review

“Fantastic teacher, very creative and hardworking, Genene also composes lovely music that is available for her students to play! She is a complete musician who delivers high quality, fun and inspiring lessons to her students.”

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