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ABRSM Piano Exams

ABRSM Piano Exams


From my point of view as a piano teacher, the aim of ABRSM exams is to raise overall musicianship and playing standards and practice the art of Performance. Exams can often inspire higher levels of achievement.

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Your choice

For some students, having an exam goal gives them more motivation and they thrive on that external aim. The sense of achievement is also a big factor.Others are very happy continuing as they are and decide not to take exams.

It’s your choice and I never try and persuade. Lessons are always geared to what you want to do.

My ABRSM exam record

I have taught students how to take exams for over 20 years and have had a 100% exam pass rate with mostly Merit and Distinction results here in London. But my expertise cannot take all the credit. Piano exam success credit due to my brilliant students who have put in the work and have overcome any challenges!

Exam timing

Working out when to take your ABRSM exam is essential. If there’s too little time to practice, the exam may not go well. Too much and there’s a danger of getting bored and giving a stale performance on the day.

So scheduling, to coincide with just the right amount of preparation time, is our goal here at Piano Rascal. There should always be enough time to feel comfortable in the run up to your exam, rather than stressed. Just like an Olympic athlete, aiming for peak performance!

Learning the Art of Performance

Learning the art of performance is about all the fine details that make your piano playing sound great. There are many aspects to this. With your 3 chosen pieces we work on precise rhythms, dynamics and articulation. Most of all it is the musical story that creates the most exciting performance.

Getting into musical shape

You work at getting your fingers fit and your technique up to standard. There are many exercises I can give to help with this as well as the usual scales and arpeggios required for the ABRSM piano exams.

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“Fantastic teacher, very creative and hardworking, Genene also composes lovely music that is available for her students to play! She is a complete musician who delivers high quality, fun and inspiring lessons to her students.”

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