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About Piano teacher – Genene Edwards

About Me

I was Classically trained in piano and viola. Education: ABRSM grade 8 in piano and viola and A-levels Music and English. Then i was accepted into Trinity College of Music, London, achieving a Performers Diploma ( LTCL ) After college i worked in both the Classical and pop world – working as a session musician or with orchestra’s and bands, meeting many amazing musicians. Being part of Meltdown at the South Band with Laurie Anderson is just one memory. I played and wrote the music for my own pop band too, which was hard work, but very exciting. Getting involved in various studio projects including my own music, i grew to love and gain much useful experience for the creative side of music production. I’m a published songwriter and composer and a member of PRS and MCPS.

During my 25 years as a piano teacher, i have drawn on my colourful, diverse music experience and developed my own unique piano lessons using a balance between Classical and other ways to learn and play piano…that include Jazz, improvising and composition etc

She is as warm and wise a musical person as anyone could ever wish to meet.’

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Forthcoming Books

I am in the process of writing various piano tutorials to be published soon.  These are a series of unique piano books to help the student navigate many musical styles. Including Jazz, 12 Bar Blues, Song writing, Theory of music etc.

Also, I’m working on a book called  ‘The Art of Successful Piano Practice’

See my Piano Rascal blog about ‘Successful piano practice tips’ for one often overlooked tip that is more powerful than you realize!!

Other Hobbies

I’m an eternal student myself! Always learning new things and trying to keep my brain and body in shape. Curiosity and adventure are my keywords!

What do i like doing?  – watching contemporary dance. One of my favourite London venues is Sadlers Wells – great performers and dance music.  Also love Classical and pop gigs, windy sea walks, yoga and meditation.

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